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Win: Death/ Incapacitation


Standard Equipment

Random Encounter

Setting: Inside a large Parking Garage in NYC


Who wins in the end?

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War Machine should win.

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War Machine ftw

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@jedixman: Any reasons? Indoors i would say Sabretooth has a really good chance of winning. Including his healing factor its very possible he can take Rhodes bullets ect. as well as his quickness

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War Machine.

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Sabretooth of course

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War Machine wins here...

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War Machine hands down.

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I am always telling people not to underrate Sabretooths amazing abilities , but War Machine will win here , I think .

He is faster , he can fly , he can shoot or blow Sabretooth to pieces , and he is protected by his armor .

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Sabertooth is awesome but War Machine wins this with his mobility advantage, raw power and durability.