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Battlefield: A Snowy Forest. They are near a icy lake. A blizzard has swept in.
No prep. 
Sabretooth has adamatium claws. 
Morals are off. 
Both start 30 ft. away. 
Who wins? 

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I don't know a whole lot from Predator X other than he was a pain in the butt in Messiah Complex. Sabretooth is as dangerous as he needs to be when he needs to, often likes to toy around with his victims mostly to play psychological mind games on Wolvie instead of causing physical pain. Anyway since I've seen Sabretooth turning Wendigo into his fur coat, I say he has this.

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Adamantium claws or Adamantium Skeletons?

Because with the full skeleton Sabretooth is pretty much immortal. Take wolverine, ramp the bloodlust to 11 and double his strength, and you have Sabretooth.

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Feats for Predator X? I never heard of this pred, but it looks like a beast.