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Current Sabretooth

1 Bullseye

2 Trapster AKA Paste Pot Pete

3 Puma

4 Speed Demon

5 Scourge AKA Nuke

6 Taskmaster

7 Batroc The Leaper

8 Lady Deathstrike

9 Omega Red

10 Elektra and Black Widow

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Stops at one. Bullseye throws a nuke at him

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A big factor is what Trapster has on him. Regardless, he's not taking down Puma. Current Creed doesn't have adamantium.
Speaking of factors, if you're going to make a gauntlet, provide some rules. Where is it? How long is the rest period?

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If he had adamantium could he beat Puma?

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This is a boring gauntlet and I'll remember what you said in the future when I create new ones.