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This battle will not involve more than one gem per scenario.

Actually I could let anyone possess the gem, but I think people are more familiar with Thanos wearing it.

Thanos possessed one gem prior to the battle, and is given with 3 seconds of reaction time.

Will one, individual gem allow Thanos to beat Superman?

Power gem?

Soul gem?

Mind gem?

Time gem?

Space Gem?

Reality Gem?


1. Superman is far enough so that Thanos have 3 seconds of reaction time

2. Both can use their full power

3. Thanos possessed one gem prior to the battle

4. This is Thanos before being resurrected by Death, so he is supposedly not naturally powerful as current Thanos

5. Again, no more than one gem can be use in the same scenario

For the record, I didn't hate Superman (or Thanos).

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infinity Gem just more powerful than SA superman,but if he just use one power gem,well,though power gem is infinity strong,but SA superman still is close to infinity strong(really,really,he can do anything)

but,SA superman lose all

,even i'm a SA superman fans i will say SA super man lose even just one power gem

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