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I know what most people r thinking ryu wins this and y post it but i don't think its so one sided like most people think. Ken has beaten ryu in the story line of SF alpha thats how ryu got kens red head band ken gave it to him to remember there fight. So answer this questions

1.Who really wins in a full on no limits battle between them at there best?

2.How do you like to play with more when you play SF?

3.How has the better style of the fighting style Ryu with focusing on the hadou-ken or Ken focusing on the dragon punch way of there style?

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that would make a crazy fight because ken isnt half bad

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This has been done already. Ryu wins this.

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Depend who is on the controls......RYU

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Sadly, Ryu wins.

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I think if Ken put forth the effort that Ryu does he would win almost every time. But the fact he dabbles in so many other things gives Ryu the edge in martial prowess.

I'm very interested in seeing how the storylines play out in the upcoming game

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Ryu would win.

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If Ken trained as much as Ryu, he'd crush Ryu into the turf; he's just a natural fighter. But all in all I like it better that he has a life and doesn't spend every waking moment obsessing about fighting.

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I think Ryu's a virgin. :P

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Static Shock says:

"I think Ryu's a virgin. :P"

Heh...yeah, he probably is...after all he's above those evil temptations, his mistress is fighting!! :P

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I think the idea of the Ryu-Ken duality is that either could beat the other and it's always the situation that dictates which happens at the time.

Now Ryu vs Akuma... that's a different matter altogether.

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As long as Ryu doesn't use unfair advantages such as going evil or using the power of nothingness (which he won't being friends with Ken) then Ken should win. The general perception is that Ken could blow Ryu away with ease if he actually trained as hard as Ryu does. Ken is naturally talented while Ryu has to work his hardest everyday to achieve what Ken has.

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@rozalia: Why? I would like to get the source on that. Akuma doesn't ackknowlege Ken because he lack the ability that ryu has. I think this would suggest that Ken cannot become as powerful as Ryu.

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1. No limitations give Ryu the Evil status/power. He'd essentially overpower Ken.

2. I don't like to play with either more than the other; in fact, I use them both as a team more than anyone else. Simply because their moves as well as each of them, respectively, are easy to master. They are also my favorite characters of the series, and I can't go wrong.

3. I don't understand your third question. Are you asking which style I like best? If so, I enjoy them both, but what would really be a treat is if there was a way to combine them both. If the next game has character customization and the ability to create move-sets, I'd be inclined to try that out.

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No Ryu is stronger, where did you get this from?

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Ryu wins. Ken isn't as serious and focused as him.

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I always felt Ken was downplayed much like Guile becuase they are American.

Seriously the biggest hitters are Chun Li (Chinese)

Ryu (Japenese)

Akuma (Japanese)

Sagat (Thailand)

and the lame Bison (Who acts like a pathetic Natzi)

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Ryu is more of a Precise Power Puncher while Ken is more of the stylish type.