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Who would come out on top!!!?

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teen titans due to starfire and raven.... they only way they lose is if they werent present or swaped out

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dude the power levels are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo far off here, and in the titans favor

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While it hardly matters, it might help if you specify who's on the teams, since there's like 25-30 Titans if not more and some are extremely powerful on their own.

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AlexWilder, Dead( also normal human) Useless

Gertrude Yorkes Dead aside from old lace, useless

ChaseStein, Smart, Fistagons, and conrtol of old lace( still human)

Old Lace, Dinosaur, useful

KarolinaDean, energy being, very useful

MollyHayes, the power princess round she hulks level, limited use of power

NicoMinoru, Staff of one, great power

Victor Mancha, one of the few powerhouses of the team

Klara Prast, Alot like poision ivy, only not bitter and hateful

Xavin A super skrull, one of the other powerhouses of the team


titans, If i am wrong on this lineup let correct me but this is the new one

Red Robin- Tim Drake, smart well trained has a Bo: a custom-made, retractable bo staff that serves as Tim's primary weapon. The bo has small holes drilled in either end to create a whistling effect when wielded, which disorients opponents and keeps them off guard.

Super Boy Conner Kent, In the New 52 Superboy is a full Telekinetic, but still a crazy powerful being

Wonder Girl, Roughly on par with Super Boy

Bart Allen- He is a useless flash for crying out loud, a Effing FLASH as much as i hate flash people, they are crazy powerful

Skitter, the weak link

Solstice, Similar to Karolina Dean in what i have seen of her, i think Dean is the better

Bunker, dunno his upper limit. think Xavin can take him

So lets brake it down runnaways take out Skitter Solstice and Bunker, Maybe just maybe if Nico has the brains to stop flash boy before he hits her they may have a slim chance, and i do mean a very slim chance Ok so lets say they take it just wonder girl superboy and Red robin (yum)

Molly and Victor, may be able to handle super-boy for a short time, the best bet here is to protect Nico, so she can use magic to stop him

Klara, Chase and Old lace, will have Red Robin (YUM!) at best they can belay tim,

Xavin and Dean i think can deal with wonder girl, it wont be pretty.

But overall, this is assuming Nico uses the staff against useless flash boy ( did i mention i hate flash characters) if not they lose BADLY

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Teen Titans

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The Titans are beast.