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  • rumpelstitsnkin from Once Upon A Time

Rumpelstinskin's Powers and Abilities


Dark Magic/Sorcery: When Rumpelstiltskin became the Dark One, he gained magical powers that allowed him to do thing that he would never dream of. He can spin straw into gold, make people young again or make them old untill they become dust (or so he says), he can create other mystical objects like the mirror he gave to the Evil Queen so she can get ride of her mother. He is able to rip a person's heart out of their chest and turn their heart into dust, thus causing their death and cast spells of a near infinite variety. He is potentially the most powerful being on Enchanted Forest. Rumpelstinskin can perform many other functions such as:

  • Transmutation: As already mentioned above, he can spin straw into gold.
  • Telekinesis: He used this power when he was in Hook's ship, when he was so angry at Milah for leaving without saying a word and every single rope in the ship start to break. Also has mr-gold he has used this power as normal tk
  • Teleportation: What seems to be his favorite way of transportation. He always use this power to appear in front (or behind) anyone who calls his name or simply anyone he wants
  • Healing: He can heal wounds in himself or another.
  • Immortality: He stated that only the Dark One has eternal life.
  • Enchanted Hearts Creation: Those who practice dark magic can create an enchanted hearth by ripping it out of the person's chest while still beating. With this they can controll all their actions and even kill them
  • Potion Creation: Rumpelstinskin has created several kind of potions with a wide variety of effects.


Aside of his powers as the Dark One. Rumpelstinskin has other non-magical abilities such as:

  • Swordmanship: He has shown to have quite of ability with the sword
  • Manipulating Skills. Although he is most famous for his magic, his most terrifying power is his ability to manipulate others. Pride, jealousy, loneliness, and urges, he will pry on any weak spot he can find and keep pounding until it has become a festering wound filled with his infective whispers. This makes him not only a powerful demon, but a much more terrifying enemy.
  • Agility: He has somehow, became more agile than other characters and is always jumping arround.


He has a sword and the dark one's dagger


lord voldemort

for those who doesn't know what this rumpelstinskins is capable of here are his powers

the name is self explanatory

so, first battle to death in character, no prep, in a pier

second a week prep

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Voldemort instantly uses the imperious curse,,Makes rumpelstiltskin tell him his name, than says it ,,,,otherwise he can't die and kills Voldemort by heart extraction

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Saying his name won't kill him. Not this one anyway. You need to be stabbed with the dagger.

dark one is simply too powerful.

The only successful way of weakening him is either to be stabbed or for true love's kiss.

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I have to say Rumplestilkin 

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@soaringturkeys said:


The only successful way of weakening him is either to be stabbed or for true love's kiss.

not even that true love, remenber he was enloved with belle and he loved his son so love doesn't really affect him