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Rulk has caused massive damage to New York City and Shield agent Nick Fury has hired Spider-Man to creat a spider team to track him down,

His team consists of;

Himself (Spider-man) (Peter Parker)

Scarlet Spider (Kaine)

Scarlet Spider (Ben)

Spider Woman (Jessica)

Venom (Eddie)

Spider Girl

They track Rulk down to an abandoned were house and after plotting for 30mins, they make there attack

Can the spider team over power Rulk?

Or will Nick Fury have to hire someone else?

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I would hope Spider-Man would come up with something.

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I think Spider team Can win. WIll they? With planning they do.

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With prep time they could come up with something. Peter has been really good with prep recently. Also Kane and Ben are just as smart as he is. In the past Spider-man has given Hulk some trouble given his speed and agility. With 6 of them they could eventually take this. It might take a while though.

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Pete and the spiders win.

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Pete and the spiders win.

That sounds like the name of a band, anyway I agree.

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@thedckid: Haha it does nice catch, I can imagine it now.

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Rulk. I don't think they can hurt him or contain him with webs. Eventually they tire, he hits them, and they die.

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Spider team can take Rulk down.

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@tdk_1997 said:

Spider team can take Rulk down.

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team easily red hulk and green have had a hard time just tagging peter there gonna run circles round him while beating the crap of him

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Spidey did pretty damn well against Rulk even when he was OP (which lets put it into context is better than Silver Surfer, Abomination, The Fantastic 4 and the Avengers).

Peter's intelligence combined with his other homies should be able to find away to take this.

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Loeb Force Rulk FTW

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Parker with prep could solo.