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The common conception is that Batman can beat any and everyone in a fight, well, at least to Batman fans.  
But I'm interested to know how Bruce would counter Rouge's powers. 
Simple rules: No prep time, Batman & Robin only have their standard equipment, but they are fighting in Gotham city. 

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What power template(s) does Rogue have access to? 
What time of day does the fight happen?

Do the characters start within sight of each other?

Do Batman and Robin know what powers Rogue and Nightcrawler have?

Morals on or off?

What are the terms of victory (ie. KO, death, BRF, incapacitation).


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@Power NeXus:  
She's normal Rouge without Ms. Marvel.  
Of course the fight happens at night.  
On sight fight.  
Yes, Batman and Robin know what they can do.  
Morals on.  (Kirk can teleport and drop his opponents, but only at a height that would not kill. And no teleport into magma or the sun.)
Victory by KO. 
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Batman and Robin

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@Power NeXus said:
" Batman and Robin "
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I don't know what level of h2h Rogue would fall under here with her not having absorbed any abilities/skills but I doubt it's better than Batman or Robin on her own so either should take her out. Not too sure on Kurt's chances even though he is a good h2h fighter and superhumanly agile but couldn't Kurt just do repeated teleports until one or both of them passes out?

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@CosmicSpiral said:
" @Power NeXus said:
" Batman and Robin "
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Well, In this case Rouge and Kurt. The reason is because, just a touch from rouge is enough to pass out batman. A touch. then kurt can just repetitively drop Robin. Simple as that. 

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Batman and Robin 6/10

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Reading the title I just heard (in my head) Kevin (as batman in justice league) yell "Don't let her touch you" and then incapacitating Kurt with some electronic device

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Team 1

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Batman would win because Rogue wouldn't be able to really touch him. Seeing the only opening is his mouth, I really doubt she could do much. Plus it's not like she can really get powers from him, I mean experiences she would get, but she does not have the physique to use it to Batman's extent. Robin will be in a long fight with nightcrawler because in flexibility terms they are tied (Dick Grayson)

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Batman and robin, easy. Rogue is not good in h2h and she can't really touch Batman. Nightcrawler will be hard to defeat but will be defeated when both Batman and Robin start against him.

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" @Power NeXus said:
" Batman and Robin "

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There's nothing on Batman to touch. He's completely clothed and armored except for his mouth. Same goes for robin if it's a later incarnation except more of his face visible. Either way Rogue is mostly a non-factor.

However, I think Nightcrawler could solo. Just instantly teleport drop them until they stop fighting back. Anyone have scans of Batman and Robin taking on a teleporter? If someone can show they have the reaction time for it then they got it.