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Battle takes place in New York City, when the battle starts they are 2 feet away from each other.

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Punisher stomps.

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Why do people think Rorschach is able to compete with anyone in hand to hand? He has no feats outside of the movie.

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Punisher stomps, there are no good feats for Rorschach

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i say punisher

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The Comedian might be a better match for Punisher.

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Punisher destroys him, Rorschach's best feat is beating some thugs and prisoners.

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I would say Punisher. Yes, Rorsach is quite the methodical psychopath, but Castle, you have to consider a guy who is between Batman and Deathstroke in how good he is tactically. Which is what it comes down to with a psychopath like Rorschach who can leave booby traps, decoys, and well, fight. Punisher demonstrated that he could outdo Spider-Man's Spider-Sense by thinking ahead of it and incapacitating the wall-crawler with well-aimed gunshots, he simply measured up the limits of how much Spider-Man could anticipate his attacks. How does this translate to Rorschach, well don't think Punisher can't outsmart Rorschach's decoys, surprise attacks, and so forth when it took minimal prep for him to figure out how to outdo Spider-Man's very own Spider-Sense.

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Punisher wins with ease. 

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@ Ferro Vida

Same for the people that think Dr. Manhattan can compete with the Silver Surfer...

Anyway, Frank ROFLslaughters. Highly more skilled than Rorschach in nearly everything. Extensive military training, weapons specialist, superior H2H skills, stronger, more durable, more intelligent, expert marksman and great tactical knowledge. Not to mention Punisher has defeated superhumans before. This is practically a spite.

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haha, i like Rorschach and all, but Punisher would curb stomp him/

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I am a huge fan of Rorschach but i have say Punisher would beat Rorschach.

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@JediXMan said:

Punisher stomps.

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I wanna say Punisher but doesn't Rorschach have superhuman stats in the movie?

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@vert1g0 said:

I wanna say Punisher but doesn't Rorschach have superhuman stats in the movie?

LOL no. The Punisher in the War Zone movie punched straight through a guys face and broke a woman's neck with one hand. That's closer to Peak human strength than anything if you ask me. Even though the movie was meh, that version of the Punisher would destroy Rorschach. The comic Frank would lolstomp him.

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I think if the battle was pre prepared Rorschach would have a better chance.

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The Good

The Bad.

It don't matter.

Wins a guy with the gun.

Seriously, can anyone even come up with a plausible way for Ginger to take down Punisher?

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c'mon i love both these characters but one is a low street fighter while the other is an all out military trained killer of crime this is spite if you put rorschach agains't kickass or tsaz from batman or kingping movie version he has a chance but not here.

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Punisher. Rorschach might be brutal, but Frank is a highly trained soldier

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Punisher stomps.

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The Punisher punishes.

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Punisher has only bested superhumans like Spider-Man, Wolverine, Daken, survived a confrontwin with Sentry, etc. Clearly a match for Rorshach.

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Punisher stomps.

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Punisher makes him cry for Night-Owl.