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Setting:  A Parking Lot. 
> Elimination via Death.  
> Comic version of Jason.
> Walter is equipped with his weapons and gear.  
> Jason has his machete.
> Starting distance: 19 Feet Apart. 
> Both are in character here. 
Who wins this fight?
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I'd go with Jason on this - too durable ...

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Rorshach is over-rated. Jason wins this.

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As much a fan of Walter as I am in this case, he'd tire out eventually and Jason would just keep going. Jason has this.

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Jason should win this with his unexplained horror movie powers.

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Rorschach right is a better fighter mate, okay.

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What could Rorschach even do to Jason?

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@Erik said:

What could Rorschach even do to Jason?

More to the point, a parking lot as a location? Theres nothing there, that he could use to fashion into a weapon. Thats where he gets his weapons, the only thing he has on hand is a grapple gun.
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Jason is too durable and unstoppable, Rorschach loses.

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Jason wins chu chu chu ah ah ah

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Rorschach could always use the gutter to hide and pop out with whatever he finds below ground. But in all seriousness, he loses. Jason has superhuman strength, durability, regeneration, endurance, and skill with his machete.
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Maybe if Rorshach had prep time...nah Jason Wins.

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Jason wins.

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RORSCHACH'S JOURNAL 1985 OCTOBER 12th big guy in hockey mask comes towards me i take him down quickly and silently walk off with blood smeared on my face

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Jason. He'd gut Rorschach. No one should downplay Jason's reflexes, Freddy vs Jason, the movie wasn't entirely fair to the guy's true movement speed.

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Why you hate Rorshach bro?