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Battle of the young sidekicks. This fight is to the death no holds barred.

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Which Robin is it?

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the original

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If they would be about the same age during the fight then I would probably go with Robin. I'm giving them a draw in everything else but I think Dick would be a better acrobat and he has that great utility belt. Bucky doesn't even have a shield to defend himself with.

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Yeah i think the utility belt would be a huge factor in robin's favor. i don't think bucky is a good enough fighter to counter the belt.

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Robin, if he really knew how to use the utiliity belt well, Bucky would be a better hand to hand fighter because of all the millitary hand-to-hand training (all military branches and special ops) But if robin took advantage of batarangs, bolos, and had his little staff thing, then he might get the upper hand. who would win with them older? http://www.comicvine.com/message/winter-soldier-vs-nightwing/109273/&c=17&17

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I would think Bucky would be equal to Robin physically but have greater skill and instinct in combat. Mainly because he uses no weapons and is usually surrounded by armed opposition in a hot zone. Gotta have something to win in that situation.

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Robin(Dick) Vs Bucky: Robin (Dick) Wins.

Nightwing(Dick) Vs. Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier/BuckyCap)= Bucky Wins.

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Robin beats Bucky

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Dick as robin would beat Bucky but Bucky as Winter Soldier could beat Nightwing

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I'd say Robin but it could go either way