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2nd My favorite Op villain vs. 2nd Second Favorite hero


Random Encounter

SM is a target for the World Government

Lucci has Knowledge of SM abilities

Fight Starts on NY Rooftops

Win by Death or K.O

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Rob Lucci would win, he was a beast

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Shigan ftw.

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Lucci has the speed advantage for sure, as well as some pretty unique techniques. But Spider-man's Spider-sense may make up for that, plus he's shown the better agility. Their durability and strength are pretty even imo, uh, i guess i'll say it's a tie.

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Lucci easily

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Lucci wins . he's a boss

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well, lucci keeps up with luffy in gear 2nd(who has proven being at leist supersonic), and has tanked blows that i beleive where at least block+ power.

And has a far better training than spidey.

And,let's remember spider-man's main advantage in h2h combat is his spider-allarm . Which would imho be usefull agaist lucci, proven spidey won't be able to react to his attacks even if he is "advised" .

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I don't really like Lucci, but he beats Spidey.

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Lucci has the advantage in training and power but Spider-Man got a lot going for him in terms of intelligence and battle experience. Lucci honed a lot of his skill by quelling petty pirate attacks as a child soldier in addition to his Roukishi training. Underestimating a rookie pirate crew cost him the fight against Luffy and that kind of hubris has given Peter a window for victory more often than not. Spidey has also faced off against way crazier stuff than Lucci and has come out of top in most cases. Villains like The Scorpion and Venom were specifically designed to be stronger and faster than Spider-Man but he always finds a way. If you take Haki into account I'd say Peter's evasion more than makes up for his lack of armament or conqueror. So even though logic dictates Rob Lucci would win in a head on fight I still would give it to Amazing Spider-Man. Superior Spidey might stand a chance with some prep.