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Poll: Road Runner Vs. Wally West (Flash) (32 votes)

Road Runner 63%
Flash 38%

Flash is out for a morning jog when he finds himself in the desert. He notices the decaying corpse of what appears to be a coyote with some large bird standing over it beeping. An intense hunger overcomes Flash and he resolves to eat that huge bird...... Fights on!! Is Flash faster than the Roadrunner? If he catches the Toon how does he kill it?

#1 Posted by CapedCrusader16 (78 posts) - - Show Bio

This thread gave me cancer

#2 Posted by Sideslash (5907 posts) - - Show Bio

Sigh. A jog is all Flash needs to catch Road Runner.

#3 Posted by Captain_Clown (150 posts) - - Show Bio

Roadrunner trolls harder than Bugs Bunny, he cannot be defeated

#4 Edited by russellmania77 (15380 posts) - - Show Bio

speed force>toon force

#5 Posted by Shavo (2061 posts) - - Show Bio

im going with roadrunner

#6 Posted by Simon_the_digger (2973 posts) - - Show Bio

Road Runner isn't that fast...

#7 Posted by Saren (25679 posts) - - Show Bio

Road Runner. Unbeaten track record. Flash cannot say the same.

#8 Posted by BlueLantern1995 (2448 posts) - - Show Bio

Toon Force easilly beats any force out there...and he's one of the best at the business...

#9 Edited by Malonius (886 posts) - - Show Bio

Toon Force allows Road Runner to always turn it up another notch.

#10 Edited by AllStarSuperman (21870 posts) - - Show Bio

Yes RR has toonforce and a lot of it, but flash is so much faster its not even funny. Wally runs threw him at the speed of light. That blows up RR and cooks him for wally to eat.

#11 Posted by Doomnaut (1993 posts) - - Show Bio

So it comes down to Toon Force Vs. Speed Force....

#12 Posted by Soothing_Sounds (1718 posts) - - Show Bio

@ferdelance: Nah he just never runs at his fastest. Always one notch ahead of his enemy.

#13 Posted by morgrim (1029 posts) - - Show Bio

The road runner has literally outrun the laws of reality so I dont think flash is catching him

#14 Posted by Grandmastersexyhd (305 posts) - - Show Bio

Until Road Runner loses Road Runner stomps

#15 Posted by BlueLantern1995 (2448 posts) - - Show Bio
#16 Edited by dondave (37459 posts) - - Show Bio

Road Runner

#17 Edited by Dredeuced (5547 posts) - - Show Bio

Toon force op.

#18 Edited by Lone_Wolf_and_Cub (5058 posts) - - Show Bio

Toon Force>Speed Force. Meep! Meep!

#19 Posted by homicidalmaniac (7634 posts) - - Show Bio
#20 Posted by Racob7 (5684 posts) - - Show Bio

Is this even a contest?

#21 Posted by Walzo (4355 posts) - - Show Bio

Road Runner was able to beat Bugs Bunny.

Toon Force >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Any other force.