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TV series Rick Grimes as of series 3, armed with his Machete vs you with any one of the following melee weapons:

Bowie knife




Baseball bat (Metal)

Riot shield

Trench knife

You start at a distance of 20 feet, in a large heavily forested area, you can choose to initially flee (assuming you are fast enough) and then hunt Rick or just fight him. but the forest has walkers dispersed throughout it.

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I die.

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I stand no chance

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i get slaughtered, but it will be fun going nuts with a hammer!

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@RogueShadow: Am I Bloodlusted? lol...Doesnt matter, i dont think i can go as berzerker as Rick did in the last few episodes. I wouldnt give it up, and it may take a while, but he would put the machete through my head, or lop it off.

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@nerdork: @clemj: @tomlikesfries: What weapons do you use?

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i´d go for the bat for better reach and try to keep him off me.....and end up dead.

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@RogueShadow: To be honest, i would use the riot shield to give myself the most defence against his relentless attacks in hopes that he would tire a little. Then, if/when he makes a wrong swing, i would try to bash him with it up close and have him lose his footing, and hopefully knock the machete out of his fatigued grip; and take the fight to the ground, and try to expose what little grappling he may know (i dont know a lot, but i did train in Japanese submission wrestling for 5 years, as well as wrestle in folk-style, Greko-Roman and free-style for the majority of my youth until i was 18). That all being said, i do not know if i could get him to that point; or, even if i did, that he wouldnt still find some way to bezerk his way out of it, and then lop my head off.

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@RogueShadow: I'd probably pick the Riot Shield. But, to be honest, no matter what weapon I pick (unless it's a gun), I stand no chance.

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Meh, I'd give myself 50/50...as long as I didn't get pushed to close to the walkers. Too much to worry about at that point and my loss of focus would probably mean loss of my head or a limb..lol. 
Oh, I'd try the bat for reach and possible blocking of the machete, without having to worry about my arms tiring out like with the axe

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I clear easy. Axe in hand.

Rick was out fought by Shane in their brief confrontation. He didn't display any amazing h2h in that. Also, he shows most his skill at delivering death blows to walkers that don't fight back. Against humans, Rick resorts to the gun. He was even briefly over powered by the inmate (though it was a surprise attack.) My over all point is Rick has low showings against thinking, live humans.

The Axe gives me advantage over his weapon in both reach and weight. With the added bonus of having to a some what double edge. If it comes down to the h2h, I stomp.

Rick would crush me in a shoot out, I'm sure he's a better shot. But Melee combat/H2H. Me all day.

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I'd probably win. I'd give myself a 50/50 chance and it depends on my mood. If I'm scared as shit it would take ten seconds to end the fight: 5 second to run towards him and the next 5 getting my ass kicked. If I'm infuriated he doesn't have a chance.

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@RogueShadow: the shield

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I donno, the guy is in a post apocaliptic scenario, how healthy can he be? assuming a person from our world fights him in healthy condition and his athletic, I don't see it has something that impossible to do. Me, with the axe or the metal baseball bat, I think I could do it, let's say 7.5/10, but Im going on a swing here since Im not a big fan of TWD. Maybe these guys even in a zombie scenario can keep eating healthy and be tip top shape...

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Zombies don't duck it doesn't take alot of skill to hit them in the head. He is what 5'10, 160? I think I could beat him with the baseball bat.

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With a bat i can handle him.

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trench knife and i for the victory.

machete's are designed for hacking. Meaning he needs space and time to swing his arm over and over again. In a heavy wooded area its getting stuck in a tree.

The first 2 mins of this would be the worst. closing the gap between us and luring him into a a crowded tree area, so he cant swing that machete as hard as he would like.

enter the "jab"trench knife much shorter range but its designed to be a piercing knife.

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I'd take him.

Any or none of those weapons should do the trick. As far as I know Rick seems like an average fighter, and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't fare well against any martial artist.

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tv grimes , i can take i just wait until he cries and i take him out. comic grimes , his severed hand can take me out

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