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Rhino & Avalanche

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i think team 2 has a chance here

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Avalanche  solos
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I think it all comes down to Shocker and Avalanche. Let me find some scans.
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Avalanche has the mutant ability to generate incredibly powerful vibration waves from his hands. He can use these waves to cause matter to shatter or crumble. When these waves are directed at a building or directly into the ground, they can create effects reminiscent of earthquakes or avalanches. Avalanche does not actually need to be touching an object in order to affect it with his vibrations. He can be some distance away from an object and still be able to affect it. It should be noted that Avalanche's powers usually have little or no effect on organic matter.  
It gives Avalanche a good shot.

While he has no superhuman powers, Shocker has a pair of gauntlets that can release incredibly powerful vibration waves. At their lowest power setting, these vibration waves can knock a normal person off their feet. At their highest setting, they can vibrate a person's bones into jelly. Shocker also wears a heavily insulated suit that protects him from the effects of his own vibration waves, as well as attacks from enemies.     
So he is protected by the vibrations but that doesn't mean Avalanche can't just make a hole in the ground to swallow him. 
The only thing I see about Avalanche and shocker thing is that Shocker always seems to find a way to get out of a situation. 
I guess in a way it's gonna come down to how helpful their partners are. Is this the scorpion with the Venom suit?
I really think that Rhino and Avalanche have this one. It would all depend though. How good they can all work as a team. I'm going with Team one though. 

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Avalanche >>>>>>>>>>>> Shocker.  Scorpion or Shocker could take Rhino, but Avalanche will finish whichever one he's fighting very quickly.  Once he turns his attention to the other, this is over.  I won't go so far as to say Avalanche can solo, but he almost could.

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Team 1

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Shocker can defeat avalanche, he has a good aim.

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Rhino already beat scorpion...by outsmarting him.
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@--Anubis-- said:
"Shocker can defeat avalanche, he has a good aim."

This is true, but I think that with Rhino would be to much of a distraction.