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Former and current members of X-Factor and the X-Men are forced to compete in a no-holds bar fight against each other in a rematch from X-Men 242.

Round 1: Morals on, fight until each member is KO or submits

Round 2: Morals off, fight to the death

No blitzing. Each fight starts 30 feet away with 20 minutes prep.

X-Factor: Jean Grey (no Phoenix), Iceman, Cyclops, Angel and Beast

X-Men: Storm, Psylocke, Dazzler, Longshot, Wolverine, Havok and Rogue

All characters possess powers/abilities from their most recent appearance (except for Jean Grey, whom doesn't have PF).

Which team wins?

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I have to say team two on X-Men cuz they outnumber XFactor

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Morals on team 2 due to numbers.

Morals off team 1 due to power set. If picture versions team 2 wins this round as well.

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Round 1: Team 2

Round 2: Team 1

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I think it could either way in both rounds, with an edge to team 2.

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I think it could either way in both rounds, with an edge to team 2.

Agreed this especially considering the fact that Team 2 has slightly more fire power.

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X-Men both rounds