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1. whos more intelligent

2. who wins in a fight

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  • Reed Richards is smarter.
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Not overly familiar with Mr. Terrific outside of his brief cameos in Justice League Unlimited, years ago. But I'm going to say Richards is more intelligent on principle. As for in a brawl... Does Terrific have anything on him that can hurt Reed's rubber?

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Reed, in both cases.

Unless T gets dropped through a portal with a few days prep and Mr. F has no idea who he is Reed takes this.

*Edit. For people this smart you need waaaay more specific fight criteria.

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Does Terrific has any prep or intellect feats? I know only that he is 3rd smartest man in DC and that he respects Batman lol.

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@BigCimmerian: He is the third smartest man in the world and a martial artist while Reed Richards is arguably the smartest man on the marvel earth.

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Reed Richards both questions.

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Reed Richards is smarter and a better fighter.