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Luke Cage is being disrespectful to Susan and Reed ain't having it. Reed asks Luke to meet him at an abandoned warehouse to settle their differences. No prep, no morals, fight until the submission.

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Reed by suffocation i'm thinking...

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Obviously Reed wins. Luke has no way to hurt, remove or incapacitate Reed.

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Reed 9.9/10

.1 if Galactus is destroying the planet

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Power wise they are fairly even but when it comes down to a fight Reed definitely takes it.

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Reed for the win.

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Why doesn't Sue just handle it herself? Reed's gonna be pissed that he had to take time off discovering a new dimension to deal with family issues.

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MR Fantastic

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Reed, he could tie him down while simountaneously making some weird device that takes his powers away... Or just call another FF member to take hime down.