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Red Sonja has 2 hatchets 1 long sword and 3 daggers.
Elektra has 2 sais 1 katana 20 shuriken
Lady shiva is new 52 has 2 katanas and that sweet ponytail of death or whatever it is. Google cover of nightwing 14 and 2 kasari-gama
Fight takes place in jungle no prep 40 ft apart equidistant to center point destination.

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lady shiva

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Did I make it already!? I have a list of battles I want to do in my office and I did not check this off lol my bad. I have to lay off the grass.

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Going with Elektra. I think she has the skill to take Sonja and New 52 Shiva is featless for the most part. Pre 52 Shiva would destroy here.