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takes place in the Amazon Rain Forest

no bystanders

start off 500 yards away

Hulk "wins" by killing Thor. Thor "wins" by either removing the ring causing the him to change back to Bruce Banner or by killing Hulk.

Thor: morals on

Hulk: rampaging, so no morals

I know how the red lantern rings affect the wearers blood, but in case, Bruce Banner's blood is not changed in a way that would destroy the Hulk.

Both characters just received their rings. Thor knows how it works, Hulk doesn't but is quickly learning.

I'm completely new to this, so I don't know if there's any more necessary information. If I did something wrong, let me know.

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Thor + Mjolnir + Green Lantern Ring= Red Lantern Hulk's death.

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Pretty tough one, Hulk is already all mad and stuff give him a red ring and his rage levels would be almost as much as Mel Gibson when talking about jews. I might have to go with Thor though because he would be more intelligent and have two of the strongest weapons around.

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I think that Hulk will get a lot more out of the Red ring than Thor will from a Green.

I think it would be interesting to see Thor in Warrior Madness and both with a Red.

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might say hulk

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Does Thor still have Mjolnir?

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lol the GL ring is useless for Thor who barely has any imagination.

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Hulk still makes Thor hit himself with his own Hammer

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I have to go with Hulk on this one.

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Thor wins

Both are featless with Lantern rings.

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Thor could build himself another hammer!

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@agentp: This would make it too much in favor of Thor then.

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rlulk wins by hellfire

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@agentp how much training do they have with the ring were they just given it or have they had time to test it out kinda like prep time

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I don't see Hulk using the ring via telekinetic hate control. The ring will probably just make hulk so shit ton pissed that he will go from a Class 100+ to a Class 1Trillion in a couple of seconds!

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Thor + Mjolnir + Green Lantern Ring= Red Lantern Hulk's death.


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wow, this is a really tough one, I'd love to see this take place

I'm going to have to side with Hulk, while a Green Lantern Thor would be an amazingly powerful being, red Lantern Hulk should have some exponential power boostage, so I'm going with him

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@tasir They both have no experience, but Thor knows all of the rings powers and gets the hang of making constructs and firing lasers from the ring within minutes. Hulk only knows that it makes him stronger and angrier, and he jumps farther and faster from being able to fly even though he doesn't realise it.

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I just realised the Hulk's thunder clap would completely clear the forest with how much his strength would be increased. That would leave Thor with no place to hide if a prolonged fight leaves him fatigued.

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@agentp then Thor would win because Thor will have more freedom while hulk will just be stronger Thor has bested hulk while neither of them had rings if your giving hulk more power but Thor new powers id be an easy win interesting battle though

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Thor doesn't have a lot of imagination, so he wouldn't get as much out of a green lantern.

The madder he gets, the stronger he gets, and a Red Lantern is literally built upon rage. That's like giving a guy with a nuke 7 more nukes.

Hulk wins.