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Any feat from between infinite crisis and flashpoint are allowed.

Atrocius' ring and lantern are at full power and he is allowed a day of prep to place his lantern somewhere in case he needs to attempt escape and recharge.

No anti life for Darkseid.

battle is on Apokolips.

victory by death or bfr.

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Atrocitus takes this. His constructs should give him the proper defense and he has overall much more raw strength. Atrocitus beats Darkseid and takes over Apokolips.

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Lol at Atrocitus beating Darkseid on his own planet so easily.

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Atrocitus also doesn't have constucts. Atrocitus does have a chance, however.

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Darkseid would wipe the floor with atrocius especially in the new 52. Darkseid handled the entire justice league, atrocius greatest feet was fighting manhunter and apolo at the same time. Go back before the new 52 and atrocius was stalemated by lobo. He can't take darksied.

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At this point I honestly cant even bother with figuring out Darkseid's power levels.

But the last 2 versions(Morrison and Johns) should wipe the floor with atrocitus.