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Morals off, fight to the death- Takes place in an empty Times Square- No BFR- No prep, random encounter

Hal Jordan Green Lantern

Who wins and why?

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Hal has beaten Mongul Jr.

Nuff said.....

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If it's the current version of Red Hulk, then Hal wins in a massive stomp. Huge mismatch.

If it's Red Hulk with his energy absorption ability intact, then Red Hulk has a much greater chance of winning, since pretty much any direct action Hal could do against Rulk, would be absorbed. Odds would still be in favor of Hal, but a much more even match.

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GL murderstomp

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Green Lantern Crushes Red Hulk. Mismatch.

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@sirmethos: I agree with you. Energy absorbing Rulk would give Hal some major butt-hurt.

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Hal wins, but I wouldn't compare Mongul to Rulk.

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GL would curbstomp.

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Hal Jordan wins.

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I think GL, he has beaten tougher people before

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Hal stomps

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With Loebforce, Rulk stomps.

Without Loebforce, Hal wins.

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Absorbing Rulk would win standard rulk looses

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Hal stomps

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GL ftw.

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If it's Loeb force rulk has a chance

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Given Red Hulk can smash Hal's constructs as if they were glass I'm not sure how GL wins this one.

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Hal with the stomp.


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Loeb Force doesn't just "stand a chance", LF Rulk roflstomps.

Regular Rulk though gets BFRed.

He still has a chance against N52 Hal and mostly unimpressive constructs.

I miss an energy absorbing Hulk. Going against the hating I tide I'll say, it was a great concept.