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Poll: Red Hood vs Nightwing (19 votes)

Red Hood (Jason Todd) 42%
Nightwing (Dick Grayson) 58%

Red Hood (Jason Todd) vs Nightwing (Dick Grayson)

New 52 continuity

Morals: on

Environment: Gotham City Rooftops

Equipment: on (Jason has his pistols and all other equipment and Dick has his escrima sticks and all other equipment)

Alright, quite a matchup IMO. But lets do this. Who wins?

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Wait are they limited to new 52 feats only?

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Yes new 52 feats only

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This has been done so many times... In the new 52 continuity Nightwing still beat Jason I believe as battle for the cowl was not retconned.

@citizenbane is my memory correct? I remember Bruce talking to Jason about him attempting to be batman when they were putting aside their problems. Wouldn't that mean that Nightwing still had a showdown with Jason over the cowl?

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lets make it 20 votes and I'll end the poll

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Been done before. The New 52 feats hardly change anything as most previous feats and fights between these two were not retconned. Making it "just" new 52 feats doesn't change anything.