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Can Jason, Roy and Kori fight their way to the top?

Round 1 (Batman and Tim Drake): Jason and his friends have returned to Gotham to find that Bruce and Tim have cleaned up the streets of Gotham. Jason's decided that he's over the reign of the Batman, can his new allies help bring him down or he fall once again?

The outlaws have had a week of prep and have decided to attack Batman out in the open

Round 2 (Green Arrow and Artemis): Roy's decided it's his turn for some revenge and who else but his old mentor and business partner Oliver Queen. Green Arrow and Artemis are out fighting crime and beating bad guys. The outlaws have had a weeks prep and Roy is hungry for revenge. Can Green Arrow and his new sidekick fight them of or will Roy bring them down?

Round 3 (Teen Titans): Jason has picked up news that due to the group's recent activity the Titans are on the hunt and Jason has decided to bring it to them first. The Outlaws and the Titans have had a weeks prep for the battle and the fight takes place on a suburban street.

Titans : Dick Grayson, Donna Troy, Beast Boy and Ravager

Round 4 (Deathstroke): Now that Jason and his friends are running Gotham none other then the Penguin has decided he wants them out of the picture, so he hires the best assassin out there Deathstroke. Deathstroke has had two days prep and he has decided to confront them on the roof of Wayne corp. Who comes out on top?

Round 5 (Birds of Prey): Barbara Gordon and Black Canary have heard the fall of their friends and have decided the outlaws must be brought to justice. Jason however knows they're coming and he's decided to bring them down. The fight takes place on the streets of Gotham with both groups having had a week of prep. Who wins?

Bird's of prey members: Black Canary, Huntress, Lady Blackhawk and Catwoman

Round 6(Joker and Harley Quinn) : There is no-one standing in the way of Jason's goal to rule Gotham except for the man who killed him, the Joker. Jason has located the Joker's whereabouts and after a week of preparation he's ready to strike. However the Joker being the crazy psychopath he is has prepared for this event for the last two weeks. Can Jason claim revenge or will the Joker finish the job?

How far do the Outlaws get?

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I'd say until round 3 or 4

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Round 4.

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How far they get is dependent only on Starfire the other two just dont matter.

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They stop at 3

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Round 3 and they lose.