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*Read Bio Before Voting* Divine Spawn vs Pre Retcon Molecule Man vs HOTU THANOS vs God Swamp Thing (6 votes)

Divine Spawn 33%
PR Molecule Man 17%
HOTU Thanos 83%
Swamp Thing 17%

First and foremost, the poll is for whomever takes the majority of the rounds.

Round 1: takes place on Earth in a swamp.

Random encounter for Thanos, MM and Spawn.

Swamp Thing gets 2 days of prep.

Round 2 : takes place on mars

Random encounter

Round 3 : takes place on Titan

Thanos gets a minute of prep

Round 4 : Takes place in Heaven

All get 3 hours of prep

Round 5 : Takes place in an alternate universe on a planet with no life.

Random encounter

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Either Thanos or ST. I'm not sure but I heard God Swamp Thing was so powerful he was a threat to The Presence.

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Thanos takes rounds 2 3 4 and 5. Swamp Thing gets round 1.