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Raven the fear magic using hero vs the Sinestro who literally uses fear energy. battle takes place in Gotham and combatants are fully rested charged. normal morals and victory by knockout or death.

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Raven via empathy...if it works.

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@Vengance101 said:

Raven via empathy...if it works.

Yeah, with that she can sort of render any Lantern null and void...with maybe the exception of Black Lanterns.

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@Floopay: Ttechnically she could make those blow up, both the Earth-2 Superman and the Psycho-Pirate did that when exposed to the Medusa Mask. (I assume this is why DC decided not to feature her in any way or form during Blackest Night).

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the most powerful version possible of both from between crisis of infinite earths and flashpoint. minus them being possessed by any energy beings/demons/gods/etc.

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Unfortunately Raven's never been put up against anything like a Lantern in the comics, so if she can effectively depower Sinestro is difficult to guess at. As far as I remember she's only had 2 encounters with them; one was Hal whom she thumped with her soulself when he tried to detain her (very early NTT-days) and the other was Kyle when she had gone completely bonkers at the very end of the NTT run.