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  1. Random encounter
  2. Start 30 feet apart
  3. Adamantium claws and bones for Daken, healing factor and pheromones enabled

Location: Slums in Indonesia

Round 1: Pure H2H

Round 2: All out

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Daken both rounds. Raven might have the speed advantage, but Daken is stronger and more skilled.

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Daken takes both rounds.

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I say Raven out of bias and fanboyism, but Daken takes this one because he's stronger and more skilled.

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Daken in a stomp.

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Daken wins.

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Daken curbstomps raven...not only can't raven KO daken...but daken pheremones make this a slaughter

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What a joke. Daken would mutilate Raven because of his pheromones.

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Logan wins hands down...

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Second mismatch today. Try putting Raven against someone who doesn't have a ridiculous healing factor and claws that cut through almost anything.