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If Rattler & Shocker took on Avalanche & Scorpion in a on 2-on-2 team battle who'd win? Current powers & fight until both team members of 1 team are incapacitated.

I'd say it go either way. Shocker & Rattler are way underrated plus they've got similar weapons & tech so if they used teamwork & synchronized & coordinated their attacks on the weak link (Mac Gargan) then they'd be able to pick off Avalanche with a good plan.

On the other hand Avalanche can create earth shields to neutralize their blast or just entrap them in a virtually impenetrable wall of rock (if he had enough layers). Mac Gargan is unpredictable but he's still got the new tail & suit. With this I see him playing heavy offense for his team. Plus Scorpion vs Rattler would be epic. Avalanche vs Shocker would be pretty clean if Shocker got a serious tech upgrade.