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For those who need/want more context:

While in deep meditation Nightwolf is shown horrid visions of a seemingly "new" past. Having been shown his people being slaughtered, being routed from their homes and massacred, all by a madman with a magical staff, he knew that something was amiss as this was not his people's true history. Instinctively, Nightwolf again begins to meditate and comune with Haokah (Raiden) for guidence.

Through his spiritually connected state, Nightwolf is informed by Haokah of a shift in the timeline revolving around the magical staff he saw in his vision. Somehow the staff was changing past events, and those affects were reverberating their way through time to the present. Nightwolf and Haokah concluded that because it had to do with his people directly, that that was why Nightwolf was so intune with the events. To add to this news however, the effects of the staff on the timeline would continue to increase in potentcy and continue to put Nightwolf's psyche in ever increasing jeopardy.

Feeling like there was only one solution, Nightwolf asked Haokah and the other spirits to help him help his people, and thereby himself, by sending him to that time to fight with and for his ancestors. Seeing the bigger picture, Haokah and his bretheren decided to aid Nightwolf in this quest to save the timeline, and preserve the present and the future.

Embuled with the divine essence of the spirits, Nightwolf is engulfed in a blinding light and transported to the past where he finds himself face to face with maddened Ratonhnhaké:ton

Setting: The Fronter from AC3





  • Ratonhnhaké:ton has all the powers of the willow tea, and is currently semi-crayzed by it's affects. He sees Nightwolf as a threat, but ultimately wants answers, not his death.
  • Nightwolf does not, and will not, kill his distant brother, but will defend himself to the best of his ability and not hold back.
  • Ratonhnhaké:ton has standard gear and weapons, with full pouches, and all spirit powers
  • Nightwolf has all feats and abilities from all games, and game mechanic feats do apply.
  • No outside help or BFR
  • No prep
  • Win by KO
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nightwolf.... actually has superpowers

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Retooled and reworked.

Who'd win?

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I don't know enough about Ratonhnhaketon but it seems like an interesting battle

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It could go either way. I'd vote for Ratohnhaketon because there are many powers that put him over Night Wolf.

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Nightwolf in a curbstomp.

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Connor in a curbstomp, strength of a bear, flight of an eagle, silent as a wolf and wolf pack are WAY too much

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whats the willow tea?

The willow tea is what gave Connor his super powers in the AC3 DLC. He climbed the "willow tree", and after making/drinking the tea made from its leaves, it gave him the power to:

  • summon wolves to fight with him
  • cloak himself Predator style
  • transfrom into a bird and fly, he can transfrom instantaneously for quick escapes or for quick ariel kills
  • attain the strength of a bear to inflict major damage on a single opponent, or do major splash damage in 10ft radius (approx)
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Nightwolf was the only one able to match a soul amped Sindel who handled at least a dozen Mortal Kombat champions solo.

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@hyperlight: The DLC was fun, in some ways more fun than the actual game. I wish they would have kept the powers as some sort of cheat for AC4, but I doubt that is the case. Anyway, yeah, Connor is pretty power under influence of the Willow Tea.

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@hyperlight: The Red Willow tree.

In the DLC the tree just sort of shows up at the top of this hill, a HUGE red tree that Connor has to climb. The tree wasn't in the main game at all...as far as I know.

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Question can someone tell all of Nightwolfs power and abilities. I know he can summon lighting, and aura weapons (or what ever they are), but I'm still a little clueless.