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what will win?

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Jax says:


i was thinking about making this thread and rasengan

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it depends on what rasengan if its the rasehshuriken then it will obliterate the chidori but normall rasengan then i would still say the rasengan becuase in one episode sasuke and naruo were fighting and kakashi stop them from connecting with chidori and rasengan they hit into a tank and u can see that the rasengan did more damage than the chidori
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Rasengan got this.......

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@saiyan_earthling said:
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seriously i'm beginning to think chidori is useless, beside that one time it killed Haku, has chidori EVER actually hit its target??

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@jax: a chidori is a messed up rasengan. When monatomic told kakashi to try to mix lightning chakra with rasengan he horribly failed. He created a ball of lightning chakra that completely lost any spin that it had from rasengan. So you tell me what's better, a lightning sphere or a sphere of violently spinning chakra.

Rasengan > chidori

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rasengan shuriken.