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No prep

Morals off (LOL what morals)

Death or Knockout

Zedd befor he was toned down

Fight takes place in a empty Las Vegas



"It is useless to resist"


Sauron is all powerful
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1:SAURON is reality warper using ring

2:ZEDD using serpentera he could destroy a planet

3:DARTH VADER " the power to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the force".

4:RANDALL only because i know nothing about him

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Sauron I think would win, yet Darth Vader's light saber has a techniqual advantage.

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@tronboy said:

1:SAURON is reality warper using ring

2:ZEDD using serpentera he could destroy a planet

3:DARTH VADER " the power to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the force".

4:RANDALL only because i know nothing about him

Randal Flagg can win. He has WAY more Impressive Feats.

@slacker the hacker: Im Assuming this is with Standard Gear? Randal Flagg had Mareylin's Grape Fruit. The Pink Sphere. One of the 13 of Maerylin's Rainbow. He was also a Immortal and powerful Sorcerer.

He can easily be immune to Long Range Attacks.

He can create Blazing Flash Fire.

He Can open Doors anywhere (he has to chalk the outline but he can chalk a Battlefield for BFRs or quick Moving).

Create Blinding Flashes.

He has the ability to turn into a Raven and increase that Ravens Size to Gigantic levels.

He has Summon Lightning Bolts.

He is a Master of any Poison (Magical or not) in most of the Stephen King Multiverse.

He can Transmutate people into animals and animals in people.

He has many times Raise the Dead.

He is also a Very powerful Psychic. He has Mentally staggered Alain (a minor Psychic) and Sheemie (A Extremely Powerful Psychic) with ease.

He also possess his Demon Sister the Maerylin's Grapefruit which has shown Omnipresence, Mind Reading, Illusion casting (Called Glamour), and Soul Sucking Abilities. Its also near Indestructible and the Demon is Invisible to those but Flagg.

So all in all he should win Handily.

Sauron Reality Warping didn't save him from having his finger cut off by a punk prince. Nor id it one shot a army. He simply wasn't impressive Feat wise.

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You know Lord Zedd was awesome before he had that embarrassing showing against Ivan Ooze. It's like me losing a fight to Robin Williams. On the other hand he could probably wear me out with his constant talking and jumping around.

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Honestly, ignoring the childish ridiculousness of the show Lord Zedd would win pretty easily.

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Before Stephen King wrote any of the Dark Tower books, he wrote "The Stand" that had Randall Flag in it as the main villain. He actually has a much bigger role in this book then in any of the Dark Tower books. I haven't read that book in a long time, but I remember him teleporting and levetating. He also had psychic abilities. He was able to influence people and animals across the entire United States. Also, when he is killed, he is reborn in a different location. I think he is described as either the devil or the devil's right hand in this book.

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Vader talks a big game, but I don't think a force choking is going to do it against these guys.

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@tparks: I have the Book the Stand but just never wanted to read it. The Movie was crap too. Actually Randal Flagg plays a huge role in the Dark Tower Books as Marten Broadcloak (Via Comics and Gunslinger/Wizard and Glass), Walter o Dim (Him and Roland were the main Characters in the first book), and he also played a huge role in Eyes of the Dragon as the Evil Wizard Flagg. So the Stand sticks out but he has been in these books (SK Universes) as well.

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I wasn't a big fan of the movie either. The book is awesome. I've read all of the Dark Tower books a few years ago too. I haven't read Eyes of the Dragon yet. He has actually been in quite a few of SK books because he has the ability to travel between different worlds (or different novels). He goes by Raymond Fiegler in Hearts in Atlantis. He is the Covenant Man in the Wind Through the Key Hole.

Anyways, I think Randall Flagg wins this. Since everyone he is fighting against are evil or at least evil-ish, he could control their evil motivations to kill each other while he watched. I don't see this resorting to him every having to physically fight.

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@tparks: In the SK DT Books it is stated Flagg does indeed travel to different worlds thru use of Dorrs (As Roland himself does in Drawing of Three) and I belive the Eyes of the Dragon is infact in Rolands world as well. But way before his time.