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Before you jump to conclusions, let's remember that both characters are extremely durable, able to use the environment, and are experts in hand-to-hand combat.  Sabretooth possesses a powerful healing factor, has an adamantium skeleton and talons, and has animal-like senses.  Rambo, on the other hand, is an ultimate killing machine.  Granted, this is NOT the Rambo from the latest movie.  This is Rambo in his prime.  He's ruthless, taught to ignore pain, one with his surroundings, and skilled in all types of weaponry and warfare.

Here's the scenario:  For days, Sabretooth has been hunting Rambo.  Now, Rambo has taken a more aggressive role and is now beginning to hunt Sabretooth.  Finally, the two meet.  Who takes it and why?

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sabretooth ftw faster, stronger, amazing healing factor, bloodlust etc.

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Rambo is a done meat.

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Light said:

"sabretooth ftw faster, stronger, amazing healing factor, bloodlust etc.


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If rambo has a time machine that makes things go slower then YES
other than that
DUNN DUN DUN DUN dead dead dead dead dead dead

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I'd have to agree with you.  Although the fight would be incredible to watch, I think Sabretooth's healing would give him the win.

However, Rambo would probably have a series of traps laid.  Perhaps he would orchestrate a quick ambush for Creed.  With the right weapons and prep time, Rambo could possibly pull out the win.

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it woudn't be incredible, rambo can't hurt sabretooth, he can only slow him down.  Once sabretooth gets his hands on rambo, its all over.  Curbstomp.

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I'll be part of the minority and say Rambo. If John's so easily defeatable one of the many armies he has faced in the past would had defeated him about now.

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Gambler said:
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Sabertooth should take Rambo out easy
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Unless Rambo can put a bullet through Creeds eye thens he's going to get ripped apart