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 In the jungle. Fully prepped and ready to rumble. All gear on and the jungle. 

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@Cypher's Gambit: Dude.....
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i say rambo. now if it was arnold in predator then it would be hard, but i saw rambo 2008 was it? and he destroyed so imma go with rambo over the govinator

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@Ego said:
I'll admit I'm probably sayin' Rambo, but that made me like Arnold a bit more
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one thig i don't get about the predator movie was that action jackson carl whethers got his arm shot off when predator shot his arm, but arnald tanked that same shot with just a few burns. seriously wtf?

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For the OP, I'll say this. I believe the only reason Arnold beat predator was because it saw thermally and he mudded himself up. Rambo is 90 percent awesomeness(-10 percent for crying in the First Blood Part One) and kicks major ass. Plus we've seen how he handles people.

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maybe arnold.

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Rambo barely.

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Rambo wins with ease