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Odin has been ambushed and attacked by Thanos, Darkseid, Loki & Ares (DC). Does he survive?

Bonus battle: Assuming Odin perishes then the four turn on one another who wins and why?

All DC characters are Pre Flashpoint.

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If neither of the 4 has prep, yes he does and he would beat them all (with the exception of Ares coz i am not entirely sure if his enchanted weapon are going to have a huge impact on the battle)

They all fight i would personally back them in this order:

1. Thanos

2. Ares

3. Darkseid.

4. Loki

And 1,2,3 are very close with this going either way for anyone, Loki is the weakest among the 4.

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Odin Survives this and defeat them

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