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Current version, fight takes place in NYC and 100 feet away. No rest periods for Rachel. A win constitutes KO or submission with morals on. If fight becomes a draw then morals off and fight to the death.

Round 1: World War Hulk

Round 2: Enchantress

Round 3: Wonder Woman and Hal Jordan (both Pre-52)

Round 4: Ghost Rider

Round 5: Doomsday

Round 6: Thanos and Darkseid

Round 7: Mephisto (in Hell)

Wolverine & the X-Men
the Hulk in action!
Jose Luis Garcia Lopez
Ghost Rider
Welcome to Hell - New Mutants #29
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She is not passing four.

This could very well end at one.

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Hard to say.  I'm not sure of current Rachel's upper limits, although we know she wasn't able to beat Xavier.  This is a tough gauntlet though.  I'm willing to believe, although I don't know, that she could beat WW Hulk through TP.  Really, although no one EVER does this in the comics, anyone with TK could just hold someone like the Hulk off the ground, suspended in midair, and there's not a thing he could do about it--there's nothing to fight against, he'd just be floating.  But if every TK'er did this, it would be no fun in the comics.  In any case, Rachel could certainly do it to him.
The Enchantress is another matter.  She's a very formidable person.  She has very powerful magic and my memory is that she has pretty good telepathy herself.  I have a vague memory of some TP feats, but can't find them.  It possible Rachel could win this, but I'd say it's around an even match.
A double match against WW and Hal would be too much.  She could maybe equal Hal, but WW's speed would be hard to beat if she blitzed. I suppose it's possible she could take them both via TP.  And again, it would be possible to just suspend WW in midair.
Ghost Rider.  Maybe it's because I haven't read any Ghost Rider since the early 90s, bu I don't get why people think he's so tough these days.  Hellfire, penance stare, I get it.  But at least back in the day, he wasn't fighting top tier opponents.  Anyone want to fill m in on what's up with his rep?
After him, Rachel has no chance.  And really, since she has no rest or healing, she's not getting past Hal and WW.  The battle with the Enchantress, should she pass it, would be too much for her.

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@greenteaforme said:

She is not passing four.

This could very well end at one.

This is what I am thinking.