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R2D2 and Rorschach must use their amazing and unorthodox skills of using random stuff and ingenuity to get through difficult obstacles in a race. Both will start in a separate room and go through 2 identical obstacle courses. The first to make it to the end wins.

R2D2 gets his standard equipment and Rorschach is unarmed.

R2-D2's Room:

  • One DL-44 blaster pistol

Rorschach's Room:

  • One box of tools for a mechanic (Wrench, screwdriver, etc.)
  • Various household appliances (Toaster, blender, pots and pans, etc.)
  • Various office supplies (Pencil, pen, sticky notes, etc.)
  • One trombone
  • One tenor saxophone
  • One fedora
  • One box full of bobby pins

The obstacle course:

1. A locked door (basic lock)

2. A locked door (basic lock and chain lock)

3. A locked gate

4. A locked bulkhead door that leads into a room full of Stormtroopers

5. Another locked gate

6. An automatic sliding door that doesn't work

7. An escalator that doesn't work

8. A bank vault door

9. Vault 13's vault door

10. The door to Kate Upton's dressing room with Kate Upton in it

11. A locked gate that leads into the set of Star Wars Episode I

12. A nuclear missile silo

13. An unlocked door full of scorpion spiders

Who will make it first?

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Why do I always have to bump these things?

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This thread=Genius

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I don't even...

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R2 has all the electrical type ones, for the sliding door I bet Rorschach would just kick it down xD