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Flash's right leg and foot had been fractured due to him kicking Quickernaut at light speed.

Flash: "F#$K!! I broke my leg!! What the Hell?"

Quickernaut: I've stolen the Crimson Gem of Cytracks, Flash. You may still be faster than I am, but I've now possess the powers of the Unstoppable Juggernaut!

QuickSilver as big and power of the original Juggernaut and at the same time retains his faster than sound speeds. What can Flash do? Will he still have any speed to get away from the Quickernaut?!

  *picture is really J2*

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Well if Quickernaut broke his foot once already he can do it again so he wins.

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Quickernaut. Flash can't run with a broken leg.

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@7am_Waking_Up_In_The_Morning said:

Quickernaut. Flash can't run with a broken leg.

maybe he'll crawl? no one knows what he would do

and Quickernaut? For Christ sake who made that up?

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Quickernaut haha XD

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this seems mismatchy

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@One-Above-All said:
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@XImpossibruX said:

this seems mismatchy

you think? it could ONLY BE MORE mismatchy if flash had no legs.

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Didn't Flash create a speedforce suit to allow him to run when he had broken legs or something?

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This is a mismatch spite thread.