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Max Mercury



Max Mercury

As usual, if you don’t know the characters, look them up before posting...

Please use logic and reasoning in your posts :D


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I'm going with Max Mercury.He seems to be way faster than Quicksilver and neither is a really good fighter so in that department..I don't know what to make of it.Quicksilver seems to be the better decision maker in combat but if he can't keep up with Max..he's going to have to think faster.

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Max Mercury.

Faster and has many more years of experience with his speed powers, resulting in dozens of speed tricks.

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Max isn't just fast. He's quick.
Remember when Silver Age Zoom was running rampant thinking he was Barry? Max was doing acrobatics across an unfinished building at superspeed. He's a teacher of speedster, so he knows how to take them down. Also, wasn't he the one that taught Wally how to steal speed from things? Can't he just do that to Quicksilver?

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Yeah I Agree Here... Max Mercury has the Experience over Quicksilver
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Gonna hold my judgement until we see how much Quicksilver's powers have been boosted since he got them back.