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Q from Star Trek


Discord from MLP: FiM

Both characters are conisderd to be alike but which one is actually more powerful?

P.S. after both my Q vs Anti-Monitor and MLP: FiM universe vs COIE Anti-Monitor threads I thought I'd make this thread and since people said on my Q vs Anti-Monitor thread that Anti-Monitor can beat Q but Comic Vine user FiMFTW said that Discord can beat Anti-Monitor on my MLP: FiM universe vs COIE Anti-Monitor thread so I thought I'd do this thread to see which character is the more powerful and I don't think alot of people has done this so I thought I'd do it :)

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.....No ponies..Q.

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@D3athstroke said:

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Q takes this.

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Are they blood lusted?

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@SupermanWins465: Well I never really thought of that but yea they both want to kill each other so yea I guess they are.

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I really and I mean REALLY want to say that its a tie or give a good reason for Discord losing such as because he messes around to much, but I think Q's omnipotents sorta beats Discord considering Discord can lose to the Elements of Harmony, although that being said Q never had to face the Elements of Harmony and I dont know how that would go, but until that is done then Q wins, although not by much and I really have little logic for this I'm mainly going off gut, and as I keep typing I'm becoming more and more convinced this could only end in stalemate...

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Lol aren't these guys the same actor? Like Discord is played by John De Lancie?

"How about a BIG hug?"


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@limpoyzloan: @thegerk: Wow I didn't realize that this thread would get bumped by someone who's not me! :D Anyways I'd say Q would pretty easily, why?

Well think of it Q is a cosmic being (arguably on par with guys like Anti-Monitor, Lucifer Morningstar, Eternity etc) while Discord is that best an planet scale being who only showed country scale warping powers that best, plus he got owned by the Elements of Harmony.

the Elements of Harmony would not work on Q, why? because the Elements of Harmony only work on evil beings and Q is not evil and even if he was I doubt they would work on him.

On a side not yes both Q and Discord are played by the same actor! :D

I made a newer thread involving both Q and Discord "Three Team free for all!" so if you want to see it you can.

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Discord's only weaknesses are Fluttershy's cuteness and the Elements Of Harmony.

Discord annihilates with the force of a thousand curbstomps!

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Q stomps hard.

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@sheenlantern: Q is night omnipotent, he stomps, Discord abilities are solar system level.

Q stomps.

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Q is not omni but he still takes it. LT or Beyonder would destroy Q though.

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