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 Psycho FTW

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Does anyone know what Screaming Mantis powers are?

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Ya the power to suck really bad easy boss fight

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If Screaming Mantis doesnt have a second controller let alone a PS he loses badly

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LOL okay okay okay

if you gus DONT know screaming mantis would win this

screaming mantis has the power to control people threw their nanomachines
which everyone in shadow mossses had so they dont get affected by the weather increase their abilitys Ect.
which everyone but johnny took which is why he had a cold in the fist one and didnt get affected by screamings controll

Also to beat psycho mantis  you dont HAVE to put in the 2nd player slot you can wear the gas mask
it will be a little harder but you can still beat him because i guess wearing a mask blocks out psychos powers

and even IF psycho mantis was able to attack her it wouldnt work because of screaming mantis armor
nothing can penetrate that man

so screaming mantis wins