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if Punisher and a Terminator machine were in the same major city as the other and knew it, than who do you think would win?

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ummm.... i was going to ask what model Terminator...

but even an HK model could take down Punisher

bit of a curb stomp if you ask me


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I am thinking that a Terminator Model from the first Terminator movie would face off against Punisher. but, with Punisher's arsenal and experience,and the Terminator's expertise in the field of battle and assassination, I doubt the Punisher would be squashed as easily as you think.

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Punisher could beat him if he used his brain. It would be like in the Terminator movies, he would have to get away from him and defeat him in the appropriate place. If Punisher had thermite he could beat him. The punisher's first move would be to use a grenade to burn off the skin, so that way others would see what he is. All the Terminators have been knocked back by shotgun fire. Punisher probably has an armor piercing rifle, which could do some real damage to a Terminator.

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punisher has beaten enemies alot more dangerous than a terminator...i'd give it to him, its very unusual for him to just walk around a corner and then start fighting some random opponent... 9/10 times he would have heavily prepared for every battle he's about to undertake.