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If all you have to do is incapacitate your enemy.Punisher wins.I don't think you can kill Jason.Frank is smarter,faster and better with weapons than Jason.Jason has the strenght and durability advantage but I don't think that will be a problem.

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Well, I look at it like this. Jason has been blown to bits before (Jason Goes to Hell) and he still survived somehow. I dont know what Frank could do to put Jason out of his misery.

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(looks at his avatar)

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punisher wins because you can't stop him

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Frank takes him out with explosives or an M60

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Frank blows him up and picks his chared head of the ground and dropps it 20 feet of cement. Game over.

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punisher wins without weapons with weapons he stomps, i mean who has jason taken on apart from freddy and beaten apart from dumbass cops naked teens and stoners? punisher is feared by the criminal underworld and by street levelers, also punisher isn't dumb he is tactically brilliant he is good at hand to hand via training from the military and has vast amount of weapons so any arguments would be good.

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