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The four gang members have decided to move to NYC to further their gang's influence and wipe out Mr. Negative, Silvermane, the Hand, Hydra, AIM, and Kingpin's gangs and settle as the "Crime lord four" and have bribed cops, fbi, SHIELD to stay out of their shit.

Castle sees his chance to make some money now sick of massacring thugs and what not, but the four gang members see him as a threat and put out a hit of 2 million dollars for his head.

Can Castle survive.

No prep, Castle gets his ant-man's helmet.

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  1. I'd edit out your language if I were you.
  2. I don't see why Frank would have trouble with anyone here.
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Yeah dude people are sensitive with cursing here.
but I think frank can handle. This would be so fun to read or watch lol.

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Punisher would bust a cap in all their asses