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Who wins this nasty face off these savage spidey villans?

Lizard has no TP but all other feats can be used

They fight in NYC and start on a rooftop.

No Prep Fight to death or Incapacitation.


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Current Lizard stomps

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Puma may be more agile, but I doubt he has anywhere near the strength, durability, and insane healing factor that the Lizard has.

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@laflux: @gunmetalgrey: Isnt Puma a 20 toner and has near Sabertooth Regen? He outclass Spidey everytime they fought back in the day.

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No officially he's a 12 tonner. And Spider-Man, even though he's officially a 10 tonner has much better strength feats than he does as well. Spider-Man did do badly against him while wearing the symbiote (Black Cat saved him), but they had a fight in the desert, and Spider-Man not only beat him in his home turf but spared his life. His healing factor from what I've seen is nothing above Spider-Man. Current lizard was literally stomping Peter Parker, so that's at least 30 tonnes easy, considering Peter's best consistent feats, and he actually Speed-Blitzed Spider-Man, which is a very hard thing to do. His healing factor is Wolverine level (okay maybe not Ultimate Logan- I was really impressed with that scan showing him living with only his head and talking to fury lol), but Spider-Man stabbed him through the neck and head with a blade, and healed nearly instantly. He also retains his intelligence.

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@CadenceV2: Does he regrow limbs in a matter of moments? 'cause that's the Lizard's bread and butter.

What strength feats (besides the speculation of "being able to hang with Spidey") does he have of this caliber?

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@laflux: You better be impress by Ultimate Logan :)

@gunmetalgrey: wish I had scans of Puma. I used to own the issue where he pummpled the Symbiot Spiderman till Black Cat saved Spidey but that was a long long time ago. He doesnt have Scans onl;ine either. Sad.

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@CadenceV2: Do You know the issue? If it's on MDCU, I could get screen shots for you. Better than nothing I suppose.

Yeah dude, just re-read the issues I think you're talking about. Nothing of the sort of what you're saying happens. Puma throws a pipe at Spidey, which makes him let go of his web line. He stops his fall by reaching out and sticking to a building. This dislocates his arm. He passes out from the pain, and the Puma gloats over his unconscious body. The Cat then saves him. Once they actually battle, next issue, they're evenly matched even with Spidey having a hurt arm.

Maybe you're thinking of a different set of issues.

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Can scan in the fight itself if need be.

Also, sorry I can't fit the whole page into each scan. All I can do is take shots of what's on screen really.

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@VeganDiet: Wow thats the issue right there. Now I look thru it Puma was not as impressive as I remember at all. LOL Good job.