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- Pulp Team are Doc Savage, The Shadow, The Phantom, Zorro, Tarzan and Conan

-Mega City Team are Dredd, Psi-Judge Anderson and Various other Judges (13) and Judge Fargo in his prime.

-Pulp Team wants to capture Judge Fargo by any means necessary (one day prep on the workings of Mega City for invading Pulp Team)

- fight in Mega City 1

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It's funny that this thread pops up the second i'm done watching Dredd. I'd have to give the judges the nod on this one unless you take away their firearms.

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no one else??

@Vance Astro:

Maybe so, not a lot of push-overs on Pulp team. Doc Savage alone would be a challenge for the judges IMO.

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physically the pulp team is a huge challenge... half of them are peak humans and john carter is of superhuman quality if you give him his barsoom attributes.

but they still lose due to lack of knowledge of setting/enemies and weapons. The pulp heroes are from different era than the judges. if you took away there weapons it could be a better fight