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Spider-Woman, hiding out in the Brazilian shanty town of Rocinha, (This takes place during the civil war, after Jessica escaped Hydra and before she joined the Secret Avengers) is discovered by Psylocke who is investigating recent reports of reality-warping in the area. Reasoning that an individual like Spider-Woman must be the cause, if not, related to the reality disturbance, Psylocke decides to apprehend her first and ask questions later. Spider-Woman, figuring that Psylocke is part of the SHRA, retaliates and the fight breaks out on the rooftops of Rocinha. (No bloodlust, regular personalities)


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Psylocke most deff.

terrible picture of her though ]=

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Spider Woman easy.

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Psylocke...with her current powers, it will be a knockout.

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her TK is on a level that rachel grey couldn't even match

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Psylocke beats Spider-Woman half to death.