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Through the twisted plans of some unknown masterminds (Ra's?! Osborne?!), contracts have been made for these two combatants....to capture...themselves!?   
Not sure how to word that one... 
Well then, we have Psylocke, a mutant who is in equal parts beautiful and deadly, being sent on a mission to wipe the planet clean of a vigilante by the name of Batgirl.  The somewhat small case file she received from her employer gave her the name Cassandra Cain.... 
Cain is warned by an unseen figure that she has been targeted by people in low places, and that a hired killer is tracking her as they speak.  He then makes her an offer as he gives her a 30 second video of this assassin. The "mutants" body, in somewhat recognizable shape, for whatever is in his lair...... 
ok. 2 fights. Both have had small prep time. Inside of an abandoned subway station that is being slowly flooded. 
First, h2h only, in character (no mutant powers for Psylocke). 50 yds apart.
Second, Cain gets all of her Bat gear, Psylocke gets her current power set.  *starts Psylocke on top floor, Cain on bottom* 

Cassandra Cain
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Wow... not one thought eh...? 
*puts on mad scientist lab coat* 
Looks like I'm going to have to come up with something crazy......
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1.Can go either way. Im not sure about batgirl's fighting skills.

2.Psylocke. Batgirls equipments are useless against a telekinetic. and shes a telepath PSYLOCKE STOMPS.

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With no telepathy Cain takes it but the rules are kind of confusing so i couldn't tell if Psylocke has access to her tp or not

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this one has been doen before

Round 1: Cassandra Cain will win.

Round 2: Psylocke easy.

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  1. CC b&^%hslaps Psylocke
  2. Psylocke mindf&^ks CC
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Cassandra round 1, and Psylocke round 2.