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Both bloodlusted and full of hate!! winner????


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Just going to post this here, before people say "PROTEGE STOLE THE LT'S POWERS RAWR"

Protege claimed that he wasn't just equal to the Living Tribunal, but that he was much more powerful, that he was the One Above All. Nowhere did he actually do anything to support this claim, and when he saw that he was outnumbered by the Tribunal, Eternity and the Hawk God, he summoned Mephisto and Malevolence in an attempt to even the odds. (Which begs the question: what kind of idiot summons Mephisto in a fight against the Living Tribunal?)
Nowhere was it shown that the Tribunal or Eternity were intimidated or impressed by his power in any way, the LT called him a child and told him to end his display. The Hawk God knocked him back with a single blast, something that would never happen to the Living Tribunal. He made a lot of noise before getting trapped inside an energy-shield by Scathan. Nowhere did he do anything that the LT or Eternity could not easily do. And he was killed by the LT, which kind of stands at odds with his claim of being superior to the LT. The Tribunal passed judgement on him and he was consumed by the eternal hourglass.

Anti-Monitor wins.

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COIE Anti-moniter?

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Protege wins

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It took Protege some time to acquire LT's power and was still not enough. AM would destroy him quickly. Retconned Beyonder was even handling Protege before the GOTG incident.

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After reading CitizenBane's post, I'm going with Anti-Moniter.

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