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Since they're both highly skilled fighters who have integration of computers with their central nervous system. 
Standard Equipment. No prep .
Prometheus vs Midnighter

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ok then, I'll say Midnighter. 
IMO, he has much more expierence and is much more ruthless than Promethius.

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Midnighter ftw! Prometheus was impressive when he took on the JLA in the watchtower. But imo he would gets smoked by MN cuz his computer makes to many simulations, so he wins via first strike!

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Midnighter is too strong and fast for Prometheus, plus he's very ruthless , very willing to kill his opponents . Deathstroke would be a better match up for midnighter. Deathstoke is more physically equal to Midnighter.

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Midnighter why?

nuff said.

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@DarkKnightDetective said:

Midnighter why?

midnighter wins

nuff said.